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As early as 1718 the Oertwig name, sometimes spelled Ortwich, was found in the village of Nahausen, near Koenigsburg in the Neumark area of Brandenburg, that portion that lay east of the Oder River in what is now Poland.

One of the families that remained in Germany was that of Gottfried Oertwig, who married in 1746 to Dorothy Filter. Family of Gottfried Oertwig

There are several groups of Oertwig families in the United States. Most of them are related, though at this time, the connections are not all established.

This page, listing the immigrant heads of families, serves as an index of sorts to some of the various lines. If you have corrections, or any more information on these or other Oertwig families please contact me! Thanks to Arlene Dudley, Linda Hanabarger, Emily Jordan, David Knecht, and others who have contributed information.


Martin Friedrich Oertwig born April 1769, died 1851
married Dorothy Marie Timme, born 30 May 1777, daughter of Johann Samuel Timme.
Lived in Nahausen, Brandenburg, Prussia.
    Known children:
  1. Dorothea Louise Oertwig, born 24 Sep 1803
    - died 13 January 1864 in Nahausen, Koenigsberg/NM, Brandenburg
    - married 26 May 1831 in Nahausen, Koenigsberg/NM, Brandenburg to
    Frederich Sasse, son of Carl Gottlieb Sasse and his wife Louise nee Sasse.
    - born 6 September 1802. Frederich & Dorothea Sasse family

  2. Friedrich Martin Oertwig, born 3 May 1806
    - married 7 February 1833 in Nahausen, Brandenburg, to
    Elisabeth Mussack who immigrated in 1873 on the OHIO with her children.
    Friedrich and Elisabeth Oertwig family,

  3. Michael Friedrich Oertwig, born 15 September 1812 in Nahausen
    - immigrated on Isaac Allerton, from Hamburg, arr NY 11 October 1854
    - lived in town Theresa, Dodge, Wisconsin and Fayette County, Illinois
    - died 5 October 1869; buried in St. Paul, Fayette, Illinois
    - married 1) 4 October 1838, at Nahausen, Dorothea Marie Rehberg died about 1851/52
    - married 2) Dorothea Maria Mueller born 30 March 1823, died 12 May 1886
    Michael Fr. Oertwig family, Updated

  4. Johann Friedrich Oertwig, born 30 April 1816 in Germany
    - immigrated 1846 on Bark Russia
    - died 16 September 1891 in Dodge County, Wisconsin
    - married 1) 8 November 1847 in Dodge County, Wisconsin to
    Dorothea "Maria" Fellwock, born 18 December 1824, died 26 October 1858
    - married 2) 3 April 1859 in Dodge County, Wisconsin to
    Maria Stein born about 1826
    Johann Fr. Oertwig family,

There was another Oertwig family that lived in Fayette County, Illinois. They are likely related to the above family, but no proven connection has yet been found.

Carl Friedrich Oertwig, born about 1817 in Prussia
married Friederike ---, born about 1816 in Prussia
- immigrated on the Habsburg, arriving in New York on 7 May 1880.
They were in Kaskaskia Township, Fayette County, Illinois, in the 1880 census, where Mrs. Oertwig's first name is listed as Lucretia. They have not been identified in any later censuses.
Carl Fr. Oertwig family

  1. Mary Oertwig, born about 1843
    - immigrated 19 June 1874 on the ship ERNST MORITZ ARNDT.
    No more information.
  2. Fred "Fritz" Carl Otto Oertwig, born 28 October 1849 in Prussia
    - immigrated 19 June 1874 on the ship ERNST MORITZ ARNDT.
    - died 20 October 1910, Illinois
    - married 9 February 1880, Fayette County, Illinois to
    Auguste Schukar, born May 1860 in Prussia
    - immigrated 27 September 1879 on the HANSA
    - died 1951 in Illinois
    After the death of Fred Oertwig, Auguste married 28 July 1914 to
    Henry Hahn, born 1857, died 1934.
    All three are buried at Augsburg, Fayette County, Illinois.
    No children.
  3. Louisa Oertwig, born about 1849 in Prussia.
    - immigrated on the Habsburg, arriving in New York on 7 May 1880.
    No more information.
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